Mission Statement

REAPA serves the companies and people who are engaged in the real estate industry, promoting their interests, building relationships, providing purchasing power, and fostering creativity. We seek to offer a wide range of innovative products, services and solutions that are designed specifically for real estate professionals. By building a community of forward-thinking individuals and equipping them with the tools necessary to increase success, we believe we can actively cultivate a positive climate of growth for the future of our industry.
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REAPA membership entitles you to participate in member discounts, events, programs and industry networking all through a convenient member website.

Membership is exclusive to businesses or entities that own, operate, manage, and provide products and/or servicers in the real estate industry.

Take advantage of member- only services and discounts! Click here to join now!

Member Services Directory

REAPA has partnered with the best-in-breed industry leaders to provide you with significant savings on products and services you use in your business. Browse our exclusive partner services directory and gain access to a wide array of benefits, services, educational opportunities, and discount programs on:

• Building services
• Consulting
• Insurance
• Legal services
• Marketing
• Hospitality & management
• Architectural & design
• Green/environment
• Security
• Technology solutions

Industry Events & Conferences:

Through our partnerships, REAPA members can attend industry events & conferences at discounted prices.

Marketing & Communications:

REAPA is committed to maintaining a two-way dialogue with our members through a variety of communication and marketing channels, including newsletters, advertisements and annual member satisfaction surveys.

Annual Membership:

Annual membership fee is $250. Membership is non-transferable and members must meet REAPA’s bylaws. Membership renews after twelve-month period. Members will receive notice prior to expiration date of annual renewal.


REAPA is an association created to serve the real estate industry. The purpose is to provide a wide range of products and services designed specifically to assist its membership.

Membership is open to any entity or individual owning, operating, managing, and providing products and/or services to the industry. The association will focus on promoting the welfare of owners and professionals in the Industry, fostering a sense of pride and commitments in the industry, keeping members informed of public policies involving the industry, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, and receiving economic and other benefits.

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Proxy Vote

A real estate management company (“management company”) may act as the designated member on behalf of owners of real property for which the management company contractually manages the property. In such event, a list of the real property owners under management shall be attached to the management company’s membership application. The management company warrants and represents that it is authorized by the real property owner to vote on behalf of the real property owner and/or to authorize the president, by proxy vote below, to vote on behalf of the management company in accordance with the bylaws.

I hereby appoint and authorize the president of REAPA, to act in my stead, to vote my interest, and to do all things that I could or might do if personally present at all association member meetings conducted.

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Our highly qualified group of Strategic Partners strive to consistently exceed industry standards through exceptional personalized products and services, extraordinary customer service, ingenuity, and innovation.

Partnership opportunities are open to businesses or entities that own, operate, manage, and provide products and/or services in the real estate industry.

Strategic Partnership Application

• Best-in-breed qualification process
• Limited slots per service classification; non-competitive
• Listing in Services Directory
• Mutual indemnification agreement/annual compliance
• Exclusive REAPA Partner status

Strategic Partner Highlights:

• No Financial Risks to you
• An opportunity to meet industry changers
• Industry networking with best-in-breed real estate innovators
• Direct communication through members: newsletters, seminars, workshops, and surveys
• Information and idea exchange through communication network, member database, published directories
• Real Estate specific business channel
• Exclusive partnership arrangements for REAPA members only.

To apply to become a Strategic Partner, contact us for a partner application.

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